Clay Panther study. ink

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Image of Clay Panther study. ink

Original Ink illustration.
Hand drawn with pigment ink on proper nice A5 200gsm art board, unframed.
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Hey you beautiful weirdo, by purchasing this piece you're investing in artwork and supporting an artist. *Not for commercial use, these pieces are for hanging and enjoying only.


“The path to this body of work has taken many interesting twists and turns while exploring and reinterpreting my mind, where it has landed is somewhere I can only describe as beautiful madness.

A capsule of thought and an extension of my mind, my movements and perspectives. The surreal glitches and visual punch of colour reshaping feelings makes this, without a doubt the most selfish body of work I have created, I find it only fitting that I show it from where I created it, in my studio within the mountains, Frost gully.”


Image of Clay Panther study. ink