About le Grizz

"A natural energetic nature has seen his work pop into a fresh consciousness. Part of a new wave of spirited enthusiasm, his humour and jovial creativity has brought a natural new positive energy to contemporary street character sensibility." - Unwell Bunny 2017


Le Grizz is an Australian Artist, specialising in quirky murals and designs currently based within the mountains of Lithgow valley.

A quick witted, deep thinking artist since he was young, though painting and designing under the alias Le Grizz since 2013, collaborating with brands including Fireball Whisky, Bacardi-Martini, Young Henrys, Kyneee Snowboards, Mambo and Valentine Wines to name a few. 

“Current body of work ’Torn Between’ is inspired by the industrial, Flora and fauna and surrounding regions in which I now reside, mixing with that acid pop flavour that naturally flows, allowing my subconscious to be released into fluidity of creating a beautiful madness once again.” - Grizz