Grim Lisa, Mona Reaper

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Image of Grim Lisa, Mona Reaper

A reminder to appreciate what is in front of you, what you have before it is lost or taken. I am reminded by the story of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa artwork and how it was under appreciated, sitting in a dark hallway until it was stolen, hidden away for years which in turn made it famous. A patriot not knowing the other side of the story, acting with passion yet it wasn’t until finding out the artwork was in fact a gift. This artwork acts as a constant reminder that there is always multiple perspectives to which a story, a visual can be seen from and felt.

1800 x 1200
Aerosol acryl’ and brushed acryl’ on canvas

Hey you beautiful human, did you know that my art is tax deductible for businesses? 
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• The artwork must be tangible (all paintings and inkings available tick this box)
• Capable of being moved; and
• Purchased with the purpose of being displayed in a business premise; and
• Not be trading stock

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Image of Grim Lisa, Mona Reaper