GrizzTendo BLK


Image of GrizzTendo BLK

Oh the memories, Escaping reality was easier as a kid but now I have money for whisky and whizz fizz.

SMALL - body width 47cm Body Length 71 cm
MEDIUM - body width 52cm Body Length 75cm
LARGE - body width 56.5cm Body Length 78.5 cm
EXTRA LARGE - body width 61cm Body Length 82cm
2X LARGE - body width 64cm Body Length 83.5cm

Made in Australia, Printed on a 100% cotton t-shirt.
Free postage within Australia.


  • SMALL GrizzTendo B
  • MEDIUM GrizzTendo B
  • LARGE GrizzTendo B
  • EXTRA LARGE GrizzTendo B
  • 2XL LARGE GrizzTendo B