Spirit and Soul

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Image of Spirit and Soul

Mixed media Acrylic and Aerosol Acryl’ on wood canvas.
730 x 900mm
Tasmanian Oak Frame.

Current body of work by Le Grizz.

“The pieces in this show are inspired by the industrial, flora and fauna of Lithgow and surrounding regions in which I now reside, live and breathe.

Torn between two climates, the cities in which I spend half my time painting commercially and privately. Breathing in the fresh air of these mineral rich mountains when I return home, allowing my subconscious to be released into fluidity of creating, once again breathing into the moment.

These artworks are a still image, a moment of what goes through my mind, from the heavy headed black cockatoos floating over to the tinkering of past engineers which made Lithgow the forefront of industry in Australia, I encourage you to imagine them moving, breathing, give them sounds. I invite you to give them life.”

- Grizz


Image of Spirit and Soul